New Season new Chef

At the start of our 2019 season at Cantueso we are pleased to welcome a new chef,     Ricardo Garcia to head the team.

Ricardo Garcia, head chef at Cantueso

 Ricardo is an accomplished chef with lots of experience cooking to a high standard, having worked in top restaurants, hotels and country clubs both on the Costa del Sol and in Tenerife. He is passionate about Spanish food and delights in demonstrating techniques both old and new.

Home cured salmon with herb mustard and dill dressing

As well as being a hands on chef he has also been involved in several teaching establishments where his International culinary experience has formed the basis of several advanced courses in restaurant menu planning, skills training and management.

Duck breast with fresh mango and vegetable salsa

Born and raised in Cadiz he also spent some time in the USA and speaks excellent English, and this will be put to good use demonstrating Spanish cooking techniques and Sherry workshops.

Pork ribs glazed with honey soy and ginger

Ricardo who moved recently to Regalon, a hamlet outside Periana, says: ” I am already enjoying the tranquility of the area and have found for the first time that I can grow my own produce, thanks to the climate, and a little hard work!” He went on to say, ” both my new found love of gardening and working at Cantueso is a challenge I am looking forward to.”

Ricardo has already started adding some new dishes to our menus and we are sure his award winning creations will find favour with our customers old and new. A full menu will be available in a few days time on both this blog, Facebook and our website.

Caesar salad a la Ricky