Good News at last!


More Pavos or bang for your bucks!

The Euro continues to move in favour of the pound sterling and other currencies which will benefit tourists to Spain this year. Today against the £ the commercial rate is about 1.42, the highest it has been for almost ten years. If we can put this another way, it is a good time to visit because not only are accommodation costs lower, but airfares also remain down due in part to reduced fuel costs. Food and drink will also be less expensive and of course house prices, which are already at bargain basement levels, will be even cheaper if you are converting from sterling.

Since the Euro was introduced back in 1999 it has had a chequered history with plenty of wobbly moments. In Spain Euros are sometimes called Pavo (turkey), “Lend me 20 Pavos” is rather like saying “lend me 20 quid.” And if you are lucky or wealthy enough to have some 500€ notes (the denomination of choice for the criminal classes) you may hear one referred to as a “Bin Laden.” Because apparently almost nobody has seen one!

We hope to see you soon with or without some Bin Ladens 🙂

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