Sadly Millie has Died

No Menu del Dia for Millie


Millie our black lab has sadly passed on to doggy heaven.

She gave so much pleasure to us all and enjoyed what was for dogs, a long life (16 years). In England where she was an excellent gun dog, and here in Spain as Nicky’s constant companion, she took everything in her stride, never complained, never stopped wagging her tail, and was always eager to please.

Regular customers at Restaurante Cantueso may remember her wandering around the terrace, nose twitching, with an uncanny knack of spotting the table with fillet steak; mere entrecôte would never do. She never asked and would simply sit a few feet away, staring with those lovely brown eyes, something only the starving could resist!

Our thanks go to that wonderful vet Mario de la Torre Hernández (of Puente don Manuel) who looked after Millie and her sister Saffy for so many years, always going that extra mile to help both  animals and owners. Muchas gracias Mario

What a Nice Thank You

A very special gift to the staff at Cantueso, on show in the restaurant

Almost two years ago one of our customers, Iain Turnbull, was taken ill during his meal and we had to take care of  him until the ambulance arrived. Fortunately one of our staff has worked with the ambulance service and was able to make him comfortable and collected background information in Spanish for when the paramedics arrived.

Since returning to the UK Iain has not been able to get back to his regular work and during his convalescence he started to paint for the first time. The painting shown above, was painted from memory and shows just how talented he is. We were thrilled to receive it and Iain jokes that it is best viewed from the floor looking up, a reference to what must have seemed like hours while he waited for the ambulance.